Call us or use the provided email link for a free consultation so we can come up with a computer generated design that will meet all of your particular requirements.  If Garden trails is completing the installation the plan is considered a necessary part of the job and it's cost is included in the work. If you decide not to proceed with any work you will only be billed for the time to construct the plan.


     A deposit is not necessary for us to slot your work into our schedule. Just a simple handshake will do. A deposit is required on our starting date.  Excavating begins and materials are ordered.


     We work with you making any changes necessary. Any sections of your lawn affected during the installation are repaired by either sodding or over seeding them. When work is completed our goal is to always exceed all of your expectations!!!


     We receive final payment upon completion and you enjoy your professionally installed landscaping for years to come.  We have a labour guarantee on our hardscapes ie.(patios, driveways, retaining walls etc.) for a term of three years and will happily be there for you if any issues arise after that.

Please Note: The ground must be allowed to settle around new buildings for a minimum of three winters and there must not be any pre existing water issues for this guarantee to be honoured.