Job doesn't get delayed waiting for sub trades to show up.

The installation can be coordinated throughout the various stages of the landscaping as it should be, saving time, money and aggravation.

We ensure the proper watering schedules.  Overwatering tends to kill off most trees and not allow for the proper root development in other plant materials.  

Hardscape's won't be watered. Watering the brick or stone walkways and patios tends to grow moulds and moss that are unhealthy, unsightly and shorten the life span of the walkways substantially.  Using a variety of mister heads as opposed to rotary heads will cost a bit more but are necessary to prevent such issues from occurring.






     It has been our experience at Garden Trails, that the gardens and lawns we install look and grow healthier  if they have a proper sprinkler system installed.  When we install a sprinkler system we ensure that all of the plant material and lawn areas have full coverage and the hardscaping (buildings, walkways, patios etc.) is not being watered.  Having the knowledge of the watering needs of various plant materials means that your gardens will thrive.  We also have the advantage of being on site through out the landscaping installation which has the following benefits for ourselves and you the customer.